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Welcome to the Carol-Anne McFarlane Gallery

McFarlane Fine Art work is divided in different bodies of work, Targets, Backlit Signs, Self Portraits, and Skulls. Some of the works portray the social issues prevalent in the society today, while others focus on different life concepts.


The work of Targets conveys the author’s idea as to how it investigates the male gaze.

The fast and ever changing views of the society towards human sexuality, the cultural ideas, surprising and sudden provisions of law, inferior examples by people in superior life styles and statuses, media, and such, however powerful and truth-appearing they may sound, look, taste, or feel like, they do not and cannot abolish the truth, which is staining of the spirit and destroying the morality.


Backlit Signs follows the theme of Targets. The work converts the thoughts, brought upon by the male gaze, into their physical manifestation. The existence and popularity of strip clubs offer men the unabashed pleasure and indulgence of their illicit intentions. Here, women enact the fantasies of the male in a zoo-like setting where a version of sex is sold, Sex Lite. Women are displayed, treated, and used as sex toys, devoid of individuality and value.  The work Backlit Signs discusses the subjugation of women.


In the work of Self Portraits, the artist emphasizes the need for and the importance of identifying and maintaining one’s own and natural identity, as against the trend of people desiring to change their looks and styles like that of models portrayed in media. Such desire and following leads one to lose his or her own natural beauty and identity and thus may result in disguise. The work takes the example of how some African-American women long to look like the women models in the media and thus change their appearance and negate their natural beauty and unique gifts.


In the work of Skulls, the artist illustrates the end of life of all creatures in the earth, and importance of one’s role, behavior, and choices while he or she lives, for he/ she leaves his/ her trail behind for it impacts the society for good or otherwise. While in life, what we think, what we do, what we say, what we see, Who we trust in, what we choose, and what or whether we pray are very important and its fruits or consequences are bestowed or caused to the society, especially to our family.


Carol-Anne McFarlane Fine Art Gallery is of works addressing diverse life concepts and describes the importance of and need for the appropriate roles one may play. The gallery also reveals the trends, life-styles, and false view-points of society.