Miami Art Fairs 2011

Art Miami/Pulse
The work in here is incredible and inspiring. I keep thinking about my work. I don't see anything like the work that I do and the subject matter that I am talking about. I have attended more fairs this year than in previous years. I can see my work in some of these shows and selling well.
I am inspired by some of these paintings. They are done so well. It makes me wish I could paint better than I do. I haven't gone to art Basel yet, but I know that will be even more intense than what I am seeing now.
There aren't as many drawings here than I hoped I would see. I love line and am drawn to it ( no pun intended). I am wondering about my drawings and if I really want to make them something more. And I do. I want my drawings to communicate more than just beauty or technical accuracy, but I am not sure what I want them to say. I guess I have to figure that out first.
I am more convinced now that the work that I am doing should be large. The presence that the larger works coupled with a striking image can not be denied. I am excited about getting back to the studio! As always, I am constantly getting new ideas that I want to explore.
Art Basel
I bought my ticket Friday night from Walmart, since they are now Ticketmaster. It was easy and convenient to purchase.
I was on my way to Miami late Saturday morning. I arrived early enough to get into the parking garage right next to the convention center. The parking was cheap.
I walked up to the convention enter and entered the faint line for admission. Since I already had a ticket I didn't need to stand in the ridiculously long line to purchase one. I was surprised to see so many people waiting in line just purchase tickets in the hot Florida sun.
I walked around the convention center. There were some artists that I expected to see like, Warhol, Basquiat, Koons. I knew that would run into them along the way. There was a lot of artists there that were unknown to me and others that I would have liked to see again. I was surprised not to see Kara Walker. It was such a wonderful surprise to see her work at the fair the last time I attended.
I saw Kerry James Marshall and Radcliffe Baily. I enjoyed seeing their work in person again.
One idea that I kept coming to me as I explored the fair was the uniqueness of the work presented. There were so many artists there, yet each one was uniquely expressed in the space. There were a few galleries that were selling some of the same pieces from an edition, but it was seldom. Yes, they were selling. I saw red dots and overheard people asking about prices. I covered the convention center several times over. I left about 7pm. I pretty much spent the whole day there. I enjoyed the show and felt inspired in a different way. In a way that encouraged me with a feeling that my work be selling there soon.
Wynwood Art District
I met up with friends in Wynwood Sunday evening. We gallery hopped through the galleries there. Some galleries were open, but not most. The restaurants were packed. There were several murals been painted that night and we were able to watch a few artists work on their pieces. There was one large lot with moralists working with trailers. There were pop up galleries with various pieces inside.