Carol-Anne McFarlane believes art is empowering.

She believes in action towards social reconstruction and a world of self-examination leads to self–improvement and empowerment.

She wants all of us to be more conscious of social manipulation and its long-term effects.
Carol-Anne McFarlane creates artwork that brings this consciousness to the forefront so people can be intentional when responding to what we experience in the world.

Her artwork is based on intersectional feminist ideas regarding gender and identity politics because self-examination leads to self-improvement and empowerment.  These ideas are explored in various media including painting, drawing, video, and alternative media. McFarlane pairs her experiences with social critique to share her vision in challenging and reconstructing current social structures.

McFarlane has exhibited in Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, New York, Des Plaines, Kansas City, London, and in various cities in South Florida. Her writing was published in an issue of Girls Get Busy, a UK zine about feminist artists. McFarlane’s work was in SELECT Art Fair in 2014 and in a segment of the Real Housewives of New York. McFarlane was a guest artist on ARTGirlTV in 2015. Recently, McFarlane was on a panel discussion about art and sexuality at the Beaver exhibition in New York, and in the Intersectionality show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. The Self-Reflection show in New York, lead to McFarlane being covered in the Huffington Post and Vice. October 2016, McFarlane was shown in the Outer Space show in London, UK. In 2017, McFarlane was chosen as a part of the 2017 Jamaica Biennial. Coco Dolle included McFarlane’s work in the Milk and Night/Black Mirror: 13 Artists exhibition at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in Times Square in New Year early 2017.

McFarlane was born in Fort Lauderdale, to Jamaican parents. She attended the Atlanta College of Art and graduated with a BFA in Illustration. She was a Resident Artist at the Lauderhill Arts Center for 6 years. She lives and works in Lauderhill, Florida.

Carol-Anne McFarlane Biography
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