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Here are several of my influences: books, podcasts, and videos. Some I've read a few times, some I'm still working through, and the rest are on my bookshelf or wish list waiting for me. All links and book covers on this page link to Amazon listings. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


I read books via the Kindle App for my iOS/MacOS devices, when I don't buy or receive the physical book or audiobook via Audible. I love using the handoff feature in iOs/Kindle app and sometimes I use the WhisperSync feature instead the Kindle app to read and listen to the book at the same time.


You can also read Kindle books on the Amazon Kindle. There are many models to choose from on the Amazon website. 


Which ever option you use, just make sure it's easy and convenient for you to get the best out of your personal growth journey.


Cultural Discourse

Art Theory, Criticism, and the Art World

Intersectional Feminist Thought and Action

Study Aids

I used these books to learn more about myself and to make my reading process more efficient and effective.