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I have always been into art.  I have early memories of showing my work and being recognized for my talents. In kindergarten, one of my drawings was hand picked to be displayed at the Broward County Fair. It was exciting for the whole family to visit the fair just to see my work!


I continued making art. My middle school was a Magnet school for Performing and Visual Arts. One of my pieces won a Scholastic Art Award and traveled to New York to be on display for the public. Out of 300 entries, mine was chosen.  Imagine that, my work traveled to New York before I did!


It was in middle school, when I began reading and collecting comics. The X-Men TV show peaked my interest in the medium. I loved the artwork in those four color pages and outside of my art assignments, I would create my own characters and comics.


I continued to study art in high school. I attended another magnet school for Visual Art. Among many opportunities, awards and shows. I had the opportunity to show my work at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art. My work was in a museum before I had graduation high school! My Senior Show took place at the Hollywood Art and Culture Center, where I sold two pieces.


I attended the Atlanta College of Art in Atlanta, GA. My major was Illustration. I was exposed to different methods of art-making and had wonderful experiences.


The most memorable experiences happened during my Senior year. I was chosen for the Allcott scholarship, an all-expense paid trip to New York City to tour the galleries, museums, and meet working artists! It was so much fun. Only one person from each major was chosen for the trip. We visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, toured Soho, traveled to Dia: Beacon via train. We met up with ACA alumni and met sculptor Tony Matelli.

The second most memorable experience was the Senior Illustration Class Spring Break trip to New York City. We stayed at the Penn Plaza hotel. My Illustration Professor tailored the trip to our interests. In addition to going to the Met, we visited my professor's agents.


Another classmate and I were into comics, so in addition to visiting the comic shops up there, my professor had arranged for us to tour the offices of Marvel Comics! It was fantastic to see the space. There were action figures and posters everywhere. It reminded me of my dorm room back in Atlanta. It was an incredible experience!


In addition to that wonderful trip, we visited the Society of Illustrators, met Donato Giancola in his Brooklyn home and visited a gallery in Soho showing Sci-Fi and Fantasy illustration.


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