Drawn to the Ladies

I have decided to share my work in a new way. I made a few videos where I am talking about my work. This video is about the start of my work. I show a few of the begininng pieces that lead me on my current path.


These pieces are not on my website. I am not sure how or if I will use them later. There are more videos to come.

I have YouTube and Vimeo channels now. You can also subscribe there as well.


Feel free to comment, like and share.


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Comments: 2
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    Kesha Bruce (Saturday, 19 October 2013 11:37)

    I love this video. Such a great way to share your ideas and your work in a very direct and clear way. I wish more artists would do this.


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    Carol-Anne McFarlane (Sunday, 20 October 2013 11:08)

    Thank you, Kesha. I am not sure if you remember me. We met at Aqua Art last year. We spoke about the comments in reaction to my review in the Kansas City Star.

    How did you find my video?