X Marks the Spot

I was an an art event last week with a friend of mine. I was showing her my new work on my iPad when two artists approached us. They had glimsed the images and wanted to know more. The men asked a lot of questions about my work. The same questions I address in these videos. As I spoke about the work and showed them images, they wantedto know what sparked the work and what it was about.


As I carried on through the Targets and got into the Strip Club Signs, one of the men began to undertsand the work. The other began to justify the rationale of the prepatrator, as if my work was celebratory in that way. My friend was silent at this time observing this interaction. She saw my mounting frustration as this man continued to talk about how it was just natural for a man to see a woman as a sexual object.


We began walking and parted ways. My friend and I left the building for a moment in order to create some distance between them and us. She said that she could she me geting upset over the man's reaction. We spoke about me work and what it was like to be approached by men.