Girls Get Busy

A recent studio experience was the subject of this essay that I submitted to Girls Get Busy. Girls Get Busy is a feminist creative platform that supports artists, writers and musicians.  It is curated by Beth Siveyer.


I am grateful for this opportunity to share why I create this work, in an international platform, such as this magazine.


Often times I think about the experiences I have had that I haven't written or spoken about publicly. This is one where, through sharing, I am hoping to connect directly with those who are willing to have the conversation. I have come to realize that confronting stereotypes, gender roles, and other social issues directly, can come off as aggressive to someone unknowingly holding or practicing beliefs that I am commenting on. This is where art comes in. Art can be created to challenge and arouse.

Girls Get Busy #22
I am on pages 20 and 21.
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