Thou Art Woman At The Edge


January was all about talking about my work.  I discussed an interactive piece at Nova Southeastern University Art Museum during the Thou Art Woman - At The Edge talk. I used an illustration that I created years ago. It was open enough for re-purpose and allowed for interaction in a different way. 


Thou Art Woman is an open mic event for LGBT+ women. To me, it is a celebration of different lived experiences.  It is a safe space and open space for women to share their thoughts and talents. 

It has expanded this year to a 3 day weekend now including visual art.  This was my opportunity to contribute to the space in a way that utilizes my art. I am grateful and excited that this space has created a space for me, in the way I want to communicate with the world. I wanted the piece for this show to be move interactive than intellectual engagement that people typically experience at an art exhibition. I wanted the viewers to bring something out of themselves and carry it externally. I created a prompt.

Here is the interview with Ghenete Wright-Muir the MC of Thou Art Woman and host of Queer Qonversations. In the interview, I tell early stories about discovering how art was a catalyst for positive change in human behavior. This is one of those interviews where you hear a lot of different things about me in one place. This interview allowed me to share more about me as opposed to just my artwork.
The interview is about 40 minutes long.

Enjoy the video below.


Photo Credit: So-Min Kang Photography

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