Art Wynwood

This is a four day art fair during presidents day weekend. This is the first of this fair.
As I stood outside the fair, I wondered how the proposed Walmart is going to Shane the landscape and demographic of Wynwood. I have seen the explosion of retail shoppes in the area since 2005. Galleries that I used to visit in 2005, no longer exist. Yet, across from the vacant buildings are newly built shopping centers complete with hourly parking garages.

Both patrons of the shoppes and of the art events compete for parking, walking space, and food. I have learned to time my arrival to Wunwood, in order to get a parking space in a fairly short period of time.

Now the shoppes in the area aren't particularly high-end. There's a target and a Ross, pet supermarket, but I don't see Walmart fitting in this space. Can you imagine the streets filled with Walmart customers and fine art patrons? Competing for parking and walking space? High end luxury cars and economy cars side by side.

How will the art fair scene change? Fewer fairs or smaller clusters?


Now to talk about the actual fair. The work was no doubtedly interesting. There pieces that were just fun to look at and enjoy. Some of the work looked like it came out of Juxapoz magazine. That's what I remember the most.


I walked through the whole show and there was nothing like my work. Which is a good thing. There are so many different and original works in the show. The show was samll and I was able to see everything in two hours.


Do you attend Art Fairs? What do you think of them. Feel free to coment below.