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May 23, 2015
Here is the segment of Real Housewives of New York. One of the artists that participated in the Milk and Night show at SELECT is the daughter of Luann. You can watch the full episode on It is episode 7 of season 7. Thank you Coco Dolle and Gallery Sensei for the opportunity to show my work. You can see my target painting at 1:10.

December 21, 2014
Milk and Night allowed me to show with them in SELECT ART Fair. Milk and Night shared a booth with Galeri Sensei. The artists that are showing explored the role of feminism in the art world.

February 16, 2014
It has been a few weeks since I decided on the theme of my show at the Lauderhill Arts Center. I have done a number of things in preparation for this show. I designed the title for the show so that the marketing material will have a consistent look and feel. I have created events on Google+ and Facebook and invited friends. I requested addresses and mailed physical invitations! Yes, good ol' USPS stamped invites with RSVP cards! I discovered that I have somewhat of a mailing list. As I began to...

January 27, 2014
As a resident artist at the Lauderhill Arts Center, I have the opportunity to curate exhibitions in the gallery space. My month is this March. I have known for months that I had this time to create an exhibition. I was not able to come up with a new project and work with the limited resources that I have. I dreaded moving forward. I was not aware that I have been creating the content for this show all along. It took a year and had various collaborators. I concept for the show in March came to...
October 07, 2013
I participated the one-night show at the Girl's Club in Fort Lauderdale. I had two prints, 24" x 18", of new work. My intention was to get public feedback on this new work. The yellow Post-Its that you see, are from artists. The purple ones are from judges.

November 11, 2012
I was invited to show pieces from my Targets series in the Look Attractive show at the University of Kansas City moissouri. I met the curator, Davin Watne, on Wednesday, November 7. We visited artists studios as well as his own. He is a great artist and super nice. The opening was awesome and I met a lot olf great artists and people in Kansas City. Thank you to everyone that made my visit to Kansas City awesome! UMKC Press Release

October 08, 2012
ART FALLOUT is a an annual event where art venues in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area open their doors for one night. There is a free shuttle that takes people from one venue to another. There are galleries, artists studios and the Museum of Art that participate. The photos below are from The Apprppiated Gender show at 1310 Gallery and ART FALLOUT: Drawn In at Girl's Club.

September 21, 2012
The Appropiated Gender show opened on September 15 at 7pm. This is a great show. The work in confrontational and thought-provoking. My work was talked about and a gallerist mentioned that my work was the best in the show, in his opinion. The next public reception is October 6th, when 1310 Gallery will open again as a part of Art Fallout. During Art Fallout, several art venues open for the evening and patrons are transported from venue to venue via shuttle buses. For more info check out: Art...

Appropriated Gender flyer
September 03, 2012
I am debuting a new work at this show. This piece was sparked years ago while in a retail store. I sat on the idea until I had the space and purpose to create it. When I completed the piece, I discovered new contexts in which the work can be intrepreted. I love the work. I have not posted any pictures of the work until it debuts at this show. A few close friends have seen the work and they love it. It is my first interactive piece that I have completed.

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