Inspired by Words

The Insprired by Words show opened last night at the Lauderhill Arts Center. The show is a collaboration between the Write Side Poets and the Lauderhill Arts Center. Poems by five poets were interpreted by 26 different artists. Three of the poets were there and recited their poems for the guests.


After the presentation of the artist and poets, the studios opened up and people were allowed to explore each studio. The Write Side Poets studio space was opened and people explored that space too. Even the dance studio was opened. I invited a few friends and they really enjoyed the event.


I eventually opened my studio and began sharing my works. I started talking about the pieces that lead me on my current path. I got some good feedback and had some positive disscussions, whwich is what I want.


I discovered that I have fans. Genuine fans that love the work that I am producing. :D

That feels great!