Exhibition · January 15, 2022
Social issues are driven by currents of cultural transitions. At the core of this project lays the desire to understand how contemporary structures mold and transform individual lives, gender, social power, and the ideologies of class systems.

news · November 18, 2020
Hazel Dooney and I in conversation about my experiences and art practice.

Exhibition · February 17, 2020
Beaver the ExhibitIon 2020!

news · February 27, 2019
Full video interview with Nicki Lopez on The Circle

news · January 30, 2019
January was all about talking about my work. I discussed an interactive piece at Nova Southeastern University Art Museum during the Thou Art Woman - At The Edge talk. I used an illustration that I created years ago. It was open enough for re-purpose and allowed for interaction in a different way. Thou Art Woman is an open mic event for LGBT+ women. To me, it is a celebration of different lived experiences. It is a safe space and open space for women to share their thoughts and talents. It has...

Article · January 07, 2019
Art511 Magazine named me one of the Top Ten NYC artists working now. The article can be found below as a download. I talk about the work that I am making and working without a studio. thanks to Katie Cercone for the article and the Eminent Domain show at Robert Miller Gallery.

Exhibition · August 08, 2018
Recap video of the Eminent Domain show in NY

July 11, 2018
Show flyer for the Eminent Domain show in New York

May 23, 2015
Here is the segment of Real Housewives of New York. One of the artists that participated in the Milk and Night show at SELECT is the daughter of Luann. You can watch the full episode on It is episode 7 of season 7. Thank you Coco Dolle and Gallery Sensei for the opportunity to show my work. You can see my target painting at 1:10.

December 21, 2014
Milk and Night allowed me to show with them in SELECT ART Fair. Milk and Night shared a booth with Galeri Sensei. The artists that are showing explored the role of feminism in the art world.

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